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Der Entsorgungsbetrieb François ist ein mittelständisches Entsorgungsunternehmen. Neben der Firmenzentrale in Rittersdorf verfügt unser Unternehmen über zwei weitere Standorte in Bitburg und Itzig/Luxemburg. An allen Standorten bieten wir eine umfassende Dienstleistungspalette für verschiedenste Problemlösungen auf dem Gebiet des Umweltschutzes.

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Cleaning | Emptying




Professional cleaning of all heating oil tanks and all fuel tanks in household and industry


Emptying, cleaning, function control of oil separators of all kinds


Emptying, cleaning and function control of grease separators of all kinds


Professional cleaning of public and private roads and squares


Removal of pipe blockages, sewer cleaning and emergency service around the clock


Sales and maintenance of small sewage treatment plants


Professional cleaning, emptying, extraction and disposal in industry and factories

Live at it

Construction of
a sewage treatment plant

Three days - a long-lasting result: The installation of a small sewage treatment plant in Nasingen (Eifel) is once again a chance for the François waste management company to demonstrate its full capabilities. Targeted, yet precise: These are the hallmarks with which this company can rightly adorn itself.
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